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Purple Kush x Blue Dream Hybrid Grow - 2014


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Hey Everybody,
Glad to meet you all. Not so new to growing, but new to the site so thanks for having me! Ive been growing off and on for a few years and ever since I began, 420Magazine forums have been there to answer any and every question and concern Ive had, so I figured this time around, why not share the journey. This is also the first time ive topped one of my plants and I must say, im impressed. So...LETS JUMP ON IN!

Strain: Purple Kush x Blue Dream Hybrid (Seeds from a Purple Kush plant I had a while back that was pollinized by a hermie Blue Dream)
Stage: Flowering - Ending 5th week today!
Location: Outdoor ( Receives full sun all day)
Temp: Average High of 90, low of 69
Medium: Soil - A mixture of 50% Hyponex Soil, 25% Black Kow compost, 25% perlite, dolomite lime, Blood and bone meal with more Bone meal at the bottom
Container: 3.5 gallon pots
PH: 6.7 (Checked today)
Nutrients: Super Thrive in veg. During Flowering, I would alternate between MG Rose Bloom & Green Light Super Bloom with molasses every now and then.
-Watering every 3 to 4 days based on soil dryness and weight
-No real pests to date

Now....How about some pictures?!
(Sorry, not sure why some are sideways)
Seedlings popped out of the soil April 16, 2014

About 2 weeks into veg. The one in the back was topped


May 21, 2014 -First day pistils shown. Switched to 12/12 on May 15th

After about a week of actual flowering and stretching



About 2-3 weeks into flowering


And these pics were taken this week! So week 5 of flowering! Starting to look amazing! This is the un-topped plant


These pics are of the topped plants' main colas


Hope you like what you see! more updates will be coming soon. Hope to hear from some of you guys!


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The Taller of the two is 28 inches tall, and the shorter one is 19 inches tall. Thank you for subscribing!


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Hey everyone! Here are a few more pics of the ladies I took today ( Week 6, Day 1 of Flowering cycle), hope you like them! Funny thing. Most of the pistils had already turned orange, and when I went to look at them this morning, they've BOTH exploded with swirling calyx growth and white pistils. Also, the smaller of the two stinks to the high heavens. Enjoy!

The "Smaller" Lady



The "Big" Girl




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I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! I have another mystery seed that I planted May 20th. Same conditions as all the others, accept Im not sure what strain it is. However, yesterday, she decided to show her pistils for the first time, so she is now in the 12/12 cycle with the others so I decided id share her with you as well. After the showing of the pistils I decided to do a bit of defoliation, sorry I don't have any pictures of the plant before the defoliation, but please believe it was QUITE bushed out. I actually removed about %50 of the leaves so try to imagine if you can. Ill give an update in about 10-14 days when she bushes back out a bit. This is also the first plant I have tried LST on and topping and it currently stands at 18 inches tall. Enjoy!





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Hey guys, I have a quick question for you. The taller of the two plants that started flowering 6 weeks and 2 days ago has a a good number of pistils that have turned orange as well as a good number of clear, cloudy and amber colored trichomes. Im trying to figure out if its time to harvest this young lady. My only concerns are that A. Its only been flowering just over 6 weeks and B. Its still has a lot of new white pistils and swirling calyx growth. Though I still had about two weeks to go and I thought they still had some swelling to do. What do you guys think?

Here's a picture of one of the buds as well as a close up of the trichs on the main cola.


Lester Freeman

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It appears your plant has gone through a re vegetation

Timing is essential for outdoor planting in accordance with the Sun in your local area.

One may either harvest what exists for the quality of the trichomes, and use it for edibles/concentrates, or some usable nugs.

Or they may let the plant grow out until Fall where it will likely put on some more weight. Since the plant went through revegetation, the buds in the end will be leafier.


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Hey there,

So, after doing a little more investigating, I now know what's gone on here. I also grow a variety of veggies and fruits in my garden to provide camouflage for my ladies so they don't draw much attention. I just found out that yesterday, my girlfriend went and sprayed some of the veggies and fruits with "Ortho Elementals Insecticidal Soap" and she said she believes some of the mist got on the tall lady. I have seen before that some insecticidal soaps and other similar products will burn the pistils and cause them to turn orange in hours!!!

Though this is unfortunate, I thought I still had about 2-3 more weeks of flowering to go and I feel that she should recover in that time. After all, it didn't seem to harm the calyx or resin glands. Im going to flush her tomorrow. She's bone dry and that should help her bounce back. Ill keep you all updated.



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Hey Everyone,

Quick update. So the plant you saw in the red pot that began flowering May 26th started to suffer some nutrient burn because I guess the fertilizers mixed in the soil were too strong. For all of my previous grows, I usually made my own mix of a soil medium out of a few different things such as top and potting soil, perlite, cow compost and worm castings, but this go I decided to put a bit more love into my medium and see how it would affect my crop. I did a good bit of research and this is what I have decided.

A lot of people recommend the 1-1-1 combination of Fox Farms Happy Frog, Ocean Forest and Light Warrior. Apparently The Happy Frog is illegal in my state because of some of the Organic compounds listed in the ingredients so that made that option no longer available. My local hydro store also carries the Roots Organics line and I found the Roots Organics Emerald Mountain potting soil to be a little better than the combination of the Fox Farm soils.

Between the Fox Farm Trio mix, and Emerald Mountain, they both contain:
-Worm Castings
-Bat Guano
-Fish Meal
-Compost Humus
-Sphagnum Peat Moss
-Microbes & Fungi
-Humic Acid

HOWEVER, the Roots Organics Emerald Mountain ALSO contains:
-Coco Fibers
-Feather Meal
-Non GMO Soybean Meal
-Fish BONE Mea
-Kelp Meal

And the only thing the Fox Farm trio contains that the Roots Organics Emerald Mountain does NOT is "Sandy Loam" and "Crab Meal" in the Ocean Forest blend and to be honest, I don't even know what Sandy Loam is.

SO, with all that being said, I went with the RO-EM and added some additional perlite and mycorrhizae inoculant granuals and I'm hoping for the best. Ill have some pics of the transplanted lady tomorrow. Let me know what you think about my new soil blend, and if anyone out there has experience with RO Emerald Mountain, id love to hear about how it worked!


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Good Evening and Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!

So, im here for my weekly update. Today brings me to the end of week 7, day 1 of flowering for my oldest two ladies, and week 2, day 1 of my younger lady (Formerly of the red pot). Still a good amount of new calyx growth on both of the older ladies. The buds are really beginning to grow and I cant wait for them to start swelling. In the last week I also changed their light cycle to 11 on/ 13 off to try and speed up the process a bit. Tomorrow I will begin the 10/14 cycle. Here are some pics!

The Tall One:


The Short One:


As for the younger lady who is entering week 2, day 2 of flowering has adjusted to the new Roots Organics Emerald Mountain soil and been THRIVING! Again, this one was also topped and had a bit of LST on it. From what I can tell, this one is going to flower nicely.





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Hey guys, got a question. Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? Seems to be a good number of them in my garden but they don't seem to be doing any harm. Please help if you can.

Also, here's another pic of the top cola on the large plant 2 days into week 7. Waiting for the swell is almost harder than waiting to see if a plant you've trained for weeks is a male or female! Lol:popcorn:

Lester Freeman

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The bug looks like a type of leaf hopper. Leafhopper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I occasionally find them on my plants as well, they're kind of stingy because they don't like to leave, but they don't cause too much harm other than being a nuisance. They are actually quite easy to catch by hand.

When you approach the little bugger with your thumb and index finger, he'll rotate around the stem and go underneath to hide from you, when he does that, trick him by coming from underneath, he'll just flip to the top and that's where you can pluck him right out easily. But if he's on a leaf, he'll just hop to another leaf making it harder to catch. I wouldn't be too worried.

That's what I do with them, they're kind of agile creatures.


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Awesome! Glad to have you! Checking out some of your threads


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That's EXACTLY what they do! Thanks so much Lester, glad to know it's nothing huge to worry about. Only a few on some fan leaves. I'm hoping only a week or two from harvest time


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I dig your plants. I just got 2 seeds to pop yesterday both are feminized PK plants. I think your flowers are putting on weight at least it looks like it in the pics. Good to know your wife does crap like that to you as well.


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Hey guys, just checking in. Here's the deal, tomorrow marks day 49 of flowering for the two PK x BD plants yet the smaller one is looking like she's almost ready to be chopped! A lot of hairs are turning orange and most of the trichomes are now cloudy instead of clear while the tall lady still has mostly white pistils and cloudy tricks. I feel like it's too early. I just gave them both a final flush and plan to let the small one go another full 7 days and next Tuesday, I'll put her in the dark for 24 hours before the chop. There are a lot of water leaves in the buds but they're covered in resin. It's also the strongest smelling plant with a strong citrus scent. Hoping she puts on some more weight in this next week. What do you guys think?
Here are some of the buds in the middle where she was chopped.

Also, her leaves look more sativa. In my experience, they're supposed to take longer to finish up. Just wierd.

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