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Purple Kush


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man, i picked up some purple kush the other day from my good friends johnny and mario at valley co-op...
this stuff is so delicious, i might have to smoke it all before i see anyone... mine, mine, mine!...lol

very tasty, great smell, perfect consistency...
the high is strong and gets the creative juices flowing like a roller coaster on high test fuel...:headbang:

as always, the guys at valley co-op were generous, very well informed, did everything by the book and even had time to kick it in the lounge and watch some cartoons and fish fights...:3:

looking forward to seeing you guys again REAL soon!!!
much love.
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ohhhh do you think we could get pictures of the purple kush? I used to get this all the time in NorCal but now i havent seen it in 2 years! it really is some amazing bud!

edit: oops just saw that its a month old, my bad! it really is some incredible meds though!
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