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Purple Space Princess

Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
Strain Name: Purple Space Princess

From: Trinity Gardens Collective

When: Feb 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/qtr oz

Looks: Medium green nugs covered in red hairs

Smell: Sweet and fresh — like slightly grape scented Cannabis candy

Taste: A moderately thick, yet sweet flavored smoke

Buzz Type: A fairly fast hitting trippy cerebral buzz

Buzz Length: Around 2hours +/-

Best Medicinal Use: Anti-depression and general mood improvement

Overall: Here's another frosty indoor hybrid. This one hit fast and hard after 2 bong rips — with a euphoric/trippy cerebral buzz that was pretty upbeat. I had no problem getting some work around the house done and really enjoyed a bike ride due to the enhanced mood and visuals. Looked great and smelled even better. The grape candy flavor came out more in vapor, than the smoke from a bong or joints. Due to the look, taste, smell, and medicinal effects, I picked up some more Purple Space Princess for an alternative to my all day/every day strain.








Scott Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
Strain Name: Purple Space Princess

From: River Valley Collective

When: June 2011

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Medium to dark green nugs with some purple accents

Smell: Extremely sweet — almost like a perfume

Taste: Similar to the smell in the sweetness, while still creamy smooth

Buzz Type: Cerebral and upbeat, with some nice pain relief as well

Buzz Length: 2 hours +/-

Best Medicinal Use: General purpose for depression, appetite enhancement, and pain relief

Overall: This was a huge surprise for me. I've had Space Princess and the Purple variety as well, but the overpowering smell was something I've never encountered with this strain. This nice thing about this grow was that the taste matched the smell, with a smooth and sweet flavor. Honestly, the smell was as strong and sweet as any other strain/grow I've had — 2 ziplock bags barely contained the odor. The buzz was just about perfect for a hybrid, providing an upbeat floaty feel and relief of minor muscle aches and pain. I would recommend a sample of this particular grow of Purple Space Princess to anyone looking for a sweet tasting, strong smelling, and great medicating strain of Cannabis.






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