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Purple Stem

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hey guys

I'm doing my first grow and i saw one of my sprouts had a purple stem, but the other doesn't. and both are the same strain (dakini kush) from centennial seeds.



I cant find anything saying that the purple color is genetics. any help is appreciated


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I wouldn't worry too much about it at this time. It does look like the one with the purple stem may be getting a little too much light (which can also cause stems to purple up). See how the edges of the leaf are curling up slightly... that usually indicates a little too much light. Just raise your light a little for now and she should do fine.


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Purple stem may also be caused by bad ph. I know they often say people shouldn't worry bout the ph in soil but I think we always should check everything is going well. In my current grow I discovered that all the times I had purple stems before was because of bad ph and not genetics or else. As soon as I fixed the too high ph buy watering with adjusted ph water (phdown), everything started to go full green! I bought a cheap 10 bucks phmeter on A*m*z*n


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i have been phing my water. i put in 6.6-6.7 and test runoff at the same level.
In my current grow my soil ph keep raising. Don't understand why but just got used to it. As soon as I started to water with ph 5 to balance the 7-7.5 soil ph, things started to get bright green (until I made the mistake to spray with mix of biocanna bioboost + terpinator both at max dosage). I think if I had watered ph 6 water (considering my running is around 6.5), it wouldn't have corrected the pH of the soil correctly. Maybe your stem is purple for another reason, but just thought I should have shared what I experienced
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hey ill try that out. was just reading the runoff is always .2-.3 higher at the root zone when over .5/ lower when under .5. my run off is 6.7. im gonna try watering with a ph of 6.2 and see how it goes, and flash you have any experience with terpenez??