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Purple stems and yellow leaves


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Hello all,

I recently started growing on my own. I have done research but I'm starting to get overwhelmed. So my little guys were about 2 1/2 months old when I started flowering and they've been flowering for 6 weeks. (they are gigantic) Lately the fan leaves started turning yellow, the stems purple, and the tips of the leaves curl up like a ram's horn. I thought it was sulfur/magnesium so I added Epsom salt. No luck. Now I've noticed that they are not taking up water like the once were.

I have 3 different strains. 1 doesn't have yellow leaves but the leaves still look droopy and light green leaves have fallen off. One of the other ones doesn't have hardly any trichomes compared to the others and the yellow leaves still have dark green veins and curled tips. My other two are beautiful, but the fan leaves are turning yellow with curled tips and dropping at a frightening rate. I flushed them 3 days ago with plain water, and the soil is still wet! (they are in 5 gallon pots and this is unusual) Plus it seems like there is more lose dirt that normal, as in maybe the roots are dying?

I just hope these guys can make it a couple more weeks, I'm so close!

Any suggestions?



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Sure I would love to, but I'm embarrassed to ask this. How do I go about doing that?


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At 6 weeks you could be showing late flower N deficiency which is normal and requires no treatment.

Rams horn can be a couple things. First is salt buildup in your media, I would assume your in soil? Sounds like you need a flush, a flushing additive like clearex(?) or Sledgehammer (Fox farms) helps but is not critical. Flush with 3x the container volume of water, slowly and allowing the water to soak through and not just run down the sides.

Second cause is low humidity, this is common in the winter and can be solved with an ultrasonic humidifier.


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As stated in the post above yours it is either a low P deficiency or low temperatures can cause this purple color to appear and finally a really low humidity level can cause things to purple up.

A great additive to use is Mag-Pro by Dyna-gro, its NPK is 2-15-4

It is SUPER clean and SUPER concentrated so you use very little with dosages.

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