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Purple Stems - Help!


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I have noticed on my bigger girls that the stems are geting dark purple color and not knowing what is causing it. I have looked at deficiancies but i dont want to jump to conclusions. Also i have started to used LST on the plant so i was wondering if it would cause plants to get purple stems. Let me know what you think PLEASE!

Fuzzy Duck

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Its reasonable common to have purpling occur on the stems etc... & nearly has happened on every grow of my own strain, pretty much clears up over time mainly with increased nutrient/feeding regime !

As the purpling of the stem is often assoicated to P - Phosphorus defeciency.

Sometimes the purple effect may well be strain genetics from parentage of plants used to breed that particular strain !

Other times the purple effect maybe induced with colder temperatures also, sometimes growers may experience a range of colours/hues...


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Thats what i was hopeing, just wanted to make sure i wasnt under estimating somthing more serious. My flower formula has a lot more Phosphorus so when they are put in to flower i probly will see it clear up.

Thanks for the reasurment!


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It can also be from the soil being too hot, as in slightly too much nutes.

I would not sweat it though.

I only had 1 plant ever that did not have purple stems at some point and it was a hydro plant in dwc.


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I use LED in bud. The LED light will cause purple on any part of the stem that is exposed to it.
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