Purple Turkeys Hand Pipe Review

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Please join me for a 420 Product Review. In this review, we are going to be checking out an amazing hand pipe that I had found while roaming around on YouTube called Purple Turkeys. Please take a moment now to watch the video that inspired this review today!

After watching this video, I was amazed and found myself jaw dropped at this product, I just had to give it a run for myself. I found it very hard to believe that this could even be possible, a hand pipe that can be served as a handy dandy tool as well? Imagine the fun you could have… Oh, you need a hammer for that nail? NO PROBLEM! I got the turkey that will gobble this issue right up! (BANG BANG BANG) Job completed, let’s celebrate with a smoke session or "Hey man, pack a bowl! Here, here’s the pipe" and purposely throw it low to watch the reaction of your friends face as they try to catch it.

Thinking all of these things, I just had to see someone’s facial reaction to this pipe, so I set forth in my mission to show off the Purple Turkeys and it’s flawless shatter resistant glass. My neighbor likes to show off his glass pieces to me and I had seen him in his backyard cleaning up, so I walked on over to the fence and called him over to check out my new hand pipe that I had just gotten. I was standing on a cement slab and I was just twirling the pipe in the palm of my hand and I could already see his face filling with fear of me dropping it, but at the same time, in awe from the size of the pipe. As he approached, he says to me, “You must not care for it that much, spinning it like that, it’s gonna hit the ground and shatter.” So I hand it to him and tell him to feel the weight of it, he checks it out and starts ragging on the small hole in the bowl and small carb hole. So I tell him, “Let’s pack one up and see how it smokes.” First hit and he was amazed on the amount of smoke the chamber can hold. Small hole + large chamber = Great results! There wasn't much he could say after that. Once the bowl was finished, I asked him “You know how everyone is always all careful about how they clear out the ash from the bowl? How they give it little baby taps on something, stir it with a paper clip or blow it out of the bowl?” He chuckles and says “Yea!” So as I am standing there, I look over at my stack of wood pile that I have for fire burning and tell him, “Don’t you just wish that you could…” and with all my might, I swung down on a log repeatedly, while saying “NOT…EVEN…CARE!” When I looked back up at him, the face he had on was just amazing! He was so scared, amazed and shocked all at the same time. He just couldn't believe what I had just done and what the pipe did not do! So I say to him, "Well, your turn to pack it."

If your someone that has a fear of dropping your hand pipe and it shattering all over the ground, feeling like your heart just got shattered (We all have been there at least once). Then the Purple Turkeys is the pipe you’re going to want to get. Especially if you’re the friend that always has their piece on them for the social bowls, you’ll never have to worry about your pipe breaking again. So go to your local smoke shop and ask them to order Purple Turkeys so you can have one of your very own! They come in 4 different sizes starting out at about 4".

*Normal size Bic lighter shown.
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