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Purple Urkle and GDP same strain?


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Hello my fellow smokers. I have a question for you. Has anyone else noticed how similar the Grand daddy and Norcal Purple Urkle look? I am growing both and they are too similar to be of different heritage. Leaf shape is very similar. The green grape coloring of the leaves are almost identical. The close stacking of the nodes. The bushy way it grows. Too many things in common for them not to be related. I'm thinking they share parentage. Any thoughts?


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not the same.
i got purple urkle - purple kush - kens gdp (side by side) *close but each have their own 'twist'

i say the same thing when i look at my OGs (larry-tahoe-sfv-fire-vanilla-raskal-skywalker-etc)
*all look freakishly the same, but its a different story when they are in bloom :)
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