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Purple Urkle


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Hey Everyone,
Been a while since I could get on here and post, but now I'm up and running again.

I have a 5 ft x 5 ft flowering room with 1000 watt lumatek digital HPS air cooled by a 8 inch vortex. I have the magnum XXXL reflector and love it!

I'm running 20 plants in 11 liter pots. 15 plants are Purple Urkle vegged for 8 weeks under flourescents and 3 weeks of 1000 watt HPS. 5 of the plants are GDP with just 3 weeks of veg under 1000 watt HPS.

I'm a soil grower using Roots organic.

Half of the plants recieve Botanicare nutrients which include :
Pure Blend Pro Soil
Liquid Karma
Sweet (grape)

The other half are being fed mostly House and Garden nutes which include :
Soil A
Soil B
Drip Clean
....also adding Big Swell from soul synthetics


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Here are the ladies 15 days into flower. They are starting to develop really nice looking buds.

I had a slight problem, my leaves started curling under, not downward at the tip, they were turning themselves into little "cones". I believe this was from a nutrient lockout.

I flushed all plants with Clearex at the rate of 15 ml/gal. Each plant got between 1-2 gallons.







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My nutrient lockout was taken care of by the clearex flush. I resumed my feeding schedule and am now in week 4. I am feeding them the heaviest this week and next week and then will start lessening the nutrients.


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Okay, after this post you all will be caught up to where I am at now. These plants were flipped 12/12 on April 1, so I am on day 31.

I found 3-4 little male bananas and removed them. There is absolutely no light leak so I think these girls are just trying a last ditch effort to seed themselves, I haven't found any more in the last few days. I also think it may be from the stress from the nute lockout.








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Day 37 of Flower. Some of the top leaves on 5 of the plants have curled upward and have brown spots on them. It looks like heat stress to me, but can plants get heat stress staying under 82 degrees? I also think it may be nute burn, but it seems unlikely, I just cut my nutes back, and some of the plants didnt develop this until 5 days after they were last watered.

Anyone know what is wrong with my girls?? I have pics of what I'm talking about on the bottom 2 pics, the rest are just update pics.






And the problem...

see the two plants on the right, they are directly under the light in the hottest spot, which only reached 82...


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I'm thinking my problem was light burn...I had my 1000 watt HPS about a foot from the canopy, and although the temperature was ok, my lumens I think were too much. I have heard that you can never have too much light, but if I have light burn then that is incorrect...hmm.

In any case I flushed 3 rows with Clearex @ 1 gallon each plant, and gave 1 row of plants the H&G nutes schedule for week 7, the row I gave the nutes to are having no sign of problems.


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Well I think my problem was that I sprayed my plants with neem about 2 hours before lights out. I know better, but have always gotten away with it before, and I guess was just being lazy. The plants aren't looking any worse, I moved my light up about 6 inches just so they don't worsen and I doubt this little mishap is going to affect much.

I'm aiming for 20-24 oz, which I've heard would be great from the purple urkle, most people I have talked to only pull a lb per light with this strain.


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Nice setup! Nice pic of the lady and the plants look nice too ;-) Do you have a pocket microscope or a jeweler's loupe? I'd be curious to see if your trichs on the plant with the burn are further along than the others. Also, It could have been the spraying with the lights on that caused it. I doubt it was because the light was too close because you have it air-cooled and it was 12 inches away which should be fine. I'm curious to find out if the problem goes away. Good luck!


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Hey 4twenty4all and Sanibelgreen! Thank you both for the compliments!

4twenty, I do have a pocket scope, 2 actually and haven't even looked at my trichs yet. It is a great idea to see if they are farther ahead, I hadn't even thought of it. They do look a little farther ahead, at least there are more red hairs on those ones...I'll check it out in the morning and update.


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So I checked my trichomes, lots of some cloudy, a couple amber, but most clear still. The plants that I had a problem with don't look to be any farther along than any other. They are doing better, new growth on the top is all green and no burning tips on the new leaves, so all is well!

About 2 weeks more to go, today is day 44, pics to come later today....oh and I'm out of smoke....ugh...I hate when this happens, I always run out, but it has been since december that I last harvested.

Oh yeah, I planted next batch of clones in soil, their root structures were great, I should of taken pictures, but I forgot until I had them all planted, lol. I rated them from one to three stars depending on roots, 3 being best and 1 being least. I am going to compare my strains by growing them next to each other, Purple Urkle, Purple Crutch, and Granddaddy Purple.

Pics to come later today


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lol, thanks sanibelgreen, I say I will never run out again everytime, I guess it's like a drunk saying they are never going to drink again after a hard night drinking. lol.

Here are some pics from today, day 44





here are my next batch to go in, I will pick the 12 best, as I am only growing 12 plants next time to give them a little more room to spread out.

and here are my mothers, GDP is the far one, Purple Urkle is in the middle, and purple crutch is closest to the camera.


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I have 10 days left now, and yesterday I thinned the plants out big time of a lot of large leaves. I know the argument for keeping them, but I know the other side too, and I have been advised by lots to thin them out, even more than I do.

They look huge now that I got rid of a lot of leaves, I have pics, I'll post tomorrow.
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