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Purple Urkle


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Here are some photos of my Purple Urkle clones at 1.5 months old. I am trying to post photos of the actual plants for some of these strains instead of the more common dried bud photos. With so many collectives selling clones these days, I think there needs to be more actual plant photos available so potential buyers can better judge if what they are buying are indeed the strain the seller claims them to be.

This strain remains green until the last few weeks of flowering when the leaves and flower buds begin to turn a deep rich purple color.


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Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012

I moved both of these plants into my "Bloom Room" yesterday to begin their flower cycle. I will post some new photos of them in a few weeks when they start to react to the 12/12 situation. ;)


Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
The Saga of the Clones

A few weeks before we put the two original Purple Urkle clones into the Bloom Room, we took eight cuttings and followed the 420 Mag "How to clone Cannabis..." guide to the letter. We have never had much luck with cloning our own plants and this session proved to be no exception. Pictured below are the four remaining survivors today at day #16. About a week ago I broke the Rockwool cubes these cutting were in in half to inspect the root end and was pleased to see that these four had not started to slime out like the other four, but instead appeared to be growing root buds! The cut end had swelled to about twice the original stem size and had turned a pale white color.

I inspected each one using my 10x jewlers loupe I normally use for checking trichomes. There were indeed the beginnings of a root structure, so I removed the clones from the Rockwool and planted them into 6" peat pots filled with "Black Gold • Waterhold Cocoblend" high grade potting soil.

Here they are today at Day #16:


They appear to be suffering from a magnesium difficiency at the moment, so today I mixed up a solution of Epsom Salts and will feed them this for the next few days and see if that makes any difference.


This one pictured above looks to be the healthiest of the four surviving cuttings.

The repeated failures with our cloning attempts as demonstrated by the condition of these four sorry looking plants is the primary motivation behind our recent decision to purchase a brand new Turbo Klone 48 site cloning machine!

Since the parent plants of this strain are now in the Bloom Room, we really hope that these four clones make it. Our next cloning session and the first using our new cloner will focus on our Blueberry strain. The two original Blueberry clones are still a little too small to provide the 12-14 cuttings we hope to take for the next cloning project. We will of course document the entire process on our Grow Journal linked below.

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Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
Two Original Clones in Bloom Room 06/22/11

The Urkles continue their vertical growth as we approach the mid point of week 1 of their 8 week flowering cycle. Current height of the plants from the soil surfece to top of growing tips is: 36 inches.


Plant of the Month: Sept 2011, Nov 2012 - Nug of the Month: Oct 2012
These two plants were beginning to grow way beyond the lighting area at such a pace that I was growing more and more concerned that the flowering would not turn out as expected, so I have terminated this flowering session and put the plants back outside for some serious pruning and topping.

I prefer plants that are more bushy with thicker branches and main stem. I am hoping that I can push these plants more in that direction by careful trimming and grooming over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I am turning my attention to flowering my Blueberry clones just as soon as I take a dozen or so cuttings from them this time next week.
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