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Pushy sales people


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Im about to transplant clones to big pots. The sales person at hydro store said i need special soil like happy frog and all these other expensive nutrients. Etc. isn't Home Depot good enough

Flower Child

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No cannabis is not like tomatoes so go with the good soil-but you should be able to get a simple two-piece veg and flower nutrients for under $40.
Home Depot soils can have added fertilizers you don't need and don't have enough perlite and other things to give you the drainage the cannabis likes.
I use Foxfarm's Ocean Forest and it only costs about $20 a big bag.
Happy growing!


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if your gonna do , do it right. went cheap on my first grow with crap soil and it was a disaster. once I got some good dirt and the right nutes my grows have been outstanding well worth the extra cash. do some reading on here to see what the peeps are using and go from there.
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