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Pythium Root Rot

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Pythium Root Rot (Pythium spp.) is similar to Rhizoctonia in that it causes damping-off of seedlings and foot rot of cuttings. However, infection occurs in cool, wet, poorly-drained soils, and by overwatering. Infection results in wet odorless rots. When severe, the lower portion of the stem can become slimy and black. Usually, the soft to slimy rotted outer portion of the root can be easily separated from the inner core. Species of Pythium can survive for several years in soil and plant refuse.


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how it look in dwc?

What colour are your nutes? I thought I had root rot for a long time but it was staining from my nutes mixture.

Are they slimy?
Do they smell like rot?
Is there residue on the outside of the roots?


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Here is a specially designed product we developed to combat Pythium infections:


We have developed Pythium Killer Gold to attack Pythium spores and infections. It was developed by the Horticulture students in the greenhouse technician program Algonquin College. We created a optimized mix of benifical bacteria, enzymes and chitosan to not only prevent infections but repair existing damage to greenhouse production. Pythium is the number one cause of crop loss and production decline.

It is very potent and safe for fish in aquaponics systems.

This product has many years of research and design into it and will reverse some of the worst Pythium colonies. You simply flush your res, refill with PH balanced water and add 5ml per 10 gallons of water. It will go to work right away and you should see pearly white roots in 3-5 days.

Pythium is invasive and will prosper in water lines, pumps and jets. This product is compatible with every type of hydroponic and soil growing methods.

This product is safe for all crops and the environment.

Yoy can buy it on eBay. I welcome any questions or comments before you purchase. This product formulation will work 95% of the time and I stand behind it's effectiveness as a certified Horticulture Technician.
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