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QB LED Over Mother Of Berries In DWC & Perfect Sun COB Over Platinum Cookies In RDWC Moar Light!


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:welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome:

Well, Let me tell you all about me. I've grown several indoor grows over the past year and after being here on this site for the past year and half, I've learned that it's such a valuable resource that is unparalleled elsewhere. You are all a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all the imput.

So welcome To my new light experience with the new HLG 550. I Am running this along with perimeter lighting in a 5x5 ten over top of 4 THseeds Mother of Berries, in a dwc system. I'm also running my Perfect Sun COB over 4 Platinum Cookies by Seedsman seeds in my RDWC unit.

Space -5'x5'x7' tent and 4'x4'x6.5' tent
Lights - HLG 550 QB 510w and Perfect Sun COB 640w
Room temp - 72f-76f
Room RH - 45- 55 %
Air movement - 1x16" fan and 2x6" clip on desk fanfrom underneath the canopy.
Exhaust - 4"inline w/carbon filter in tent
Media - DWC/RDWC hydroponic in 6" net pots with rapid rooters and hydroton
Nutrients - Flora micro, Flora gro, Flora bloom, Kool Bloom liquid, Diamond Nectar, Bud Candy, Koolbloom Dry, and Overdrive
Supplements - z9 Flying Skull
PH control - Ganja express ph up & down digital ph meter
PPM monitored - currently 1050ppm
Water used - Tap that sits for at least a day with its own air stone that bubbles off the chlorine and regulates the
true ph.
Strain - Burmese Kush (BuKu)x1, THseeds M.O.B. x4, Seedsman Platinum Cookies x4.
Type - Hybrid/indica dominant

Flowering - 9-10 weeks
Current week of growth - Day 1 Flower
Light cycle -12/12

Current ph - 5.75-5.85

So this is my setup, its all from what i have cobbled together from a lot of reading what you fine folks have done over the years. I have extremely high hope for this new light. Look forward to having some of you along for the ride and happy growing!

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I got a little ambitious today and went and bought all the hardware to turn the 2nd tent into the same rdwc system. Now I need to figure how I can get the buckets out from under the plants to drill the holes and assemble it. buying all the parts(only the ones I need this time) I'll be building this system for just under 300$ with taxes included. I'm please with that overall. It seriously makes life just so much easier just switching out from the reservoir..


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A little project today,

I fucked up my res size and return piping so the res is running much more full than i'd like but she's water tight across the board first try this time, and for anyone who was around the first time would not have bet on that! So I'll be fixing up the small problems tomorrow at the cost of 10$ and some laundry to clean up the mess i'll make lol. All in for parts for this was roughly 480$. Wonderful little system that takes very little maintenance and lets you scrog your plants without having to climb under the trellis. well its been a long day and I'm tired and high I'll catch you all tomorrow.


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Well I have fixed my red issue and everything is running smooth, I spent about 10 hours on the build for this RDWC but the amount of time I’ll save being able to res change from outside the tent will more than make up that time invested.

Here’s the finished product.

Now it’s just feed em every couple days for the next 8-9 weeks and reap the rewards.


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Looks good man
Thanks man. The build went a million times smoother this time. I bought extra buckets cause I planned on fucking up at least one set but nope made it through in one go for everything but the reservoir being just a little too shallow for my liking.


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Just got my hands on 20 DNA genetics strawberry banana, 5 pheno phinder wedding cake, 18 Barney’s pineapple chunk and 12 Barney’s farm peyote critical. This is what I’ve determined over the past year that is my line up now going forward. I’m going to learn everything I can about these strains and pump out the most potent weed you can find around here. Lol you guys can’t see me but there’s light crashing behind me and I’m laughing. Like a lunatic. :19:


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More laughing like a lunatic:19: I’ve gotten ambitious over their past month and fixed the 2nd tent up so I don’t have to go inside anymore. It was all part of a plan which is now in motion.

As of Monday I pick up my new 20lbs CO2 tank and we shall see just what these lights can do.

Here’s some shots of them now. I’ve installed a scrog in the second tent as well but the plants were too far along so it will merely be a trellis this run. But expect big things from me from here on out my friends. Big giant sugary things:19:

Just one last little shot of where I started to where I am now, we started from the bottom now we’re here boys!:19:
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The DIY skills are insane man!
Thanks man. I’ve come a long way. This forum has shown me the way and I’ve kind of just ran with the knowledge I’ve found. After I add the CO2 Monday it’s really nothing left to change lol pop the beans and let em go. Glad you’re along for the ride, let’s see what these tents can really do.


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Subbed in also. Nice rdwc system, I would like to build a rdwc rig one day. Plants are looking good by the way✌
If you’re ever serious about putting on together I can make you a parts list and then it’s really just drilling holes in buckets and glueing together pipes. That took me 6 hours to build.
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