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Qman's DWC Mystery Seed Grow Log


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This grow started on 09/08 straight from collected bag seeds, it only took two days to germinate 1 seed out of 4 I picked. I chose one randomly to put into grodan and the other 2 never opened. Luck? or superior conditions of the grodan over the wet paper towel within the ziplock.

The strain will be unknown until the leaves appear,you can tell from the size and number of fan leaves, right?
I have a 150watt HPS Sun System from HTGsupply.com (Fan boying) I will upgrade to a 400watt with a separate ballast before flowering. Gettin fancy...

I'm using a DWC "system" a 5 gallon bucket with fish pumps which I acquired off Ebay. So you know they are the shit. Should I be worried about algae with clear lines running into these buckets? Could I tape them so they are covered? Medium is Hydroton. PH of reservoir is 5.8 no nutes just water and a little H202.

I have yet to buy a thermometer to judge water temp of reservoir. The temp of grow room is 75F with 45% RH that's outside of grow lamp, underneath the lamp with the light 13" away from canopy can get up to 95F+!! but with a wind chill of probably 82F since it is not completely enclosed so it's drafty continuously I have two fans going one box fan to push air into the closet and another HEPA filtered air purifier to circulate it within.

I have a PH meter and EC meter from Hong fucking Kong so you know they are advanced and cheap since I got them..you guessed it off of Ebay maufukas. You know. The PH meter seems reliable, I compared with the liquid chemical test kit and it looked close? The color was a little hard to judge. Compared to on point results.

I'll be using Fox Farm liquid concentrates, Big Bloom, Tiger ferts, and Big grow along with DM gold zone root conditioner which I purchased impulsively along with a lot of other things. Consumerism at its best.

This will all be grown out of my closet currently surrounded in a messy duct taped circle of mylar until I can build an enclosure so I can vent the smell (eventually and hopefully). Get proper. This is completely surrounded with mylar, I just exposed it to take a picture. Don't ask about the blue light, it is a T8 reptile light I purchased thinking it could fill in some blue spectrum perhaps but I don't think it's even powerful enough to even be effective in anyway.

Here are two pics from 09/18
Both germinated at the same time, one seed was itching for the right opportunity and conditions.


Once I get batteries for my EC meter and learn how to use it, I'll start reading into feeding schedules and such.

09/25 Current growth status, I think they may have slight nute burn from the small amount I added to them I told myself not to do it and did it anyway.
This is the Plant number 2 the "slower" one I only call it slower because it germinated second and took a few days to sprout. The first one actually stretched a little so it makes it easy to tell them apart.

This is numero uno. Slight nute burns as well, I think..

This is my first grow ever so fire away at potential let downs. :Namaste:


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Re: Qmans DWC mystery seed grow log.

Here an update, once those roots hit the water it was game on, they are taking off and are looking and smelling beautiful, maintaining a good PH. I have some botanic enzyme solution on the way to prevent slime build up I have yet to change the reservoir water and plan on doing so as soon as that gets here I have notice white slime on pump line it's not rampant, yet.

Here is plant 1, very bushy and broad features,this is so awesome.

Here Number 2, Is growing very funky but seems healthy over all, it just has different pattern of growth going on.

I will keep updating and building on to this until I have an enclosed area that I can maintain ideal conditions within and control the odor because it's already starting to smell. :32:


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Here is an update, They are growing beautifully I'am hoping they are female I have a 100x "loupe" on the way to help determine what's going on, I also have my exhaust fan for the room on the way to help get this stench to a minimum. So far no hiccups except for that shitty little Aqua culture pump taking a dive forcing me to go to walmart at 4am to acquire another, the options where another Aqua culture or one that might work. Never use Aqua culture pumps, rookie mistake.


Does anyone do this for their PH probe? I keep it submerged in the calibration liquid, it's just something I saw recommended on the bottle, does this keep the probe accurate?

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