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QTL mapping in cannabis


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Why isn't anyone doing QTL mapping in cannabis? With the new law reforms I think this should be done by the big breeders to select for strains that have 5 times the number of trichomes and trichomes all over the leaves and stems, etc. For anyone who's interested in this topic QTL mapping is Quantitative Trait Locus mapping, plant breeders use it all the time for big commercial crops. Weed is becoming a big commercial crop, but haven't read about anyone doing this yet. It's a convoluted art, where breeders use variable environments to act as a yardstick to look for how those influences generate the phenotype. Because there may be many genes that make trichomes they can narrow is down to a few places on the chromosomes of the plant, and then identify these genes. As soon as you know what the genes are breeders can select for plants at the seed stage, without ever having to grow them and turn them to flower.


Bally Sagoo

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I think it comes down to money. These projects are needed to be done on a large scale and there's not enough money in it for the breeder to find the ultimate strain and try to monopolize on those seeds. Just too hard to monetize. And there’s no guarantee it would work, so it would be a big risk hoping there is a mutant out there with 5 times the number of trichomes or whatever. Better off genetic engineering.
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