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Quadriplegic Arrested and Jailed for Growing Marijuana


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
John Haring is a 45 year-old man from Clearwater, Florida, who has been suffering from chronic pain for more than twenty years.

As related in a feature on TampaBay.com, when he was 24, Haring suffered an accident while working as a truck driver in Ohio. His rig rolled as he tried to avoid a kid who suddenly came in the way of the 18-wheeler that he was driving. His injuries left him without the use of his fingers and his legs; he has spent time on a wheelchair since.

John HaringIn order to manage the pain that he suffers from arthritis, among other things, he has, over the years, been prescribed with prescription painkillers. Thus far, however, these medicines have not worked well. So he turned to marijuana, growing them in his home in Clearwater.

This would have been perfectly alright if he had been living in California, and if a doctor legally advices him to turn to pot and writes a prescription for it. The thing is, Haring lives in Florida – a state where marijuana – even when used for medical purposes – is illegal.

He was initially caught in 2007, with 41 plants growing in his home. In 2009, he was caught with three times the number he was initially caught with. For his latest arrest, Haring will be doing jail time for ninety days, and serve three years of drug offender probation – which means that he will be undergoing drug testing. If he fails a test, he may be facing up to five years in jail.

The feature questions whether there is sense in locking up a man in a wheelchair. What do you think?

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