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Not sure if HLG is a sponsor here.. but the best advice i got was to get kingbrite qb's off alibaba. the 250w was $100 less shipped, same exact LED's the samsung 301's.. amazing deal here in 5 days. I wanted to buy HLG, but they never responded to emails for me.. ended up saving a ton:)
Grower lights depot is a sponsor here and they carry hlg quantum boards.I
Weird....hlg has always responded to me, one time in less than 20 minutes. They have fantastic customer service usually.....wonder what happened there.


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I just installed the hlg 260 from Grower Lights.... I can already tell that they are a game changer. My veg box had a Mars burple - around 250 watts.

The clones are 5 weeks old - rooted well. They were slightly droopy. After 3 hours with the QB's - they're all at attention and reaching up.

I'm super pleased with the diy kit. Easy peasy to assemble - top notch set up.

I ended up getting the 12 strips which is 1152 diodes, Same amount as HLV 550. I mounted them on 2 Costco aluminum cookie sheets with double sided heat transfer tape. 6 strips are 2700K and the other 6 are 3500K Mounted them in an alternating pattern so I should have it evenly spaced to be 3100K I am going to run 2 drivers. One for the 2700k and the other for the 3500K. Right now I only have one driver HLG240H-24A and 6 strips are bright as heck. The other driver ended up in a shipping fiasco. The pic is just testing. Price was 264.00 for 12 strips. cookie sheets were probably 30. One new driver was 47.00 and the other which I bought elsewhere is 27.00 and used. Wago connectors were 10 but got 50 of them. Thermostat wire was 10 but got 50 feet. 20 for heat tape. 12.00 for hangars. All in, I think I spent 420. Is that a coincidence.