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Quebec Blue Grow


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So I’m using the same equipment from my first two grows but with a little different set up. Only doing one plant, a QC Blue as already stated.Pics will show the set up and will be doing a journal per say.
My set up:
4X4 grow tent
Phlizon 1600W LED (actual watts 335)
Phlizon 600W LED (actual watts 100)
6” exhaust fan with a charcoal filter
6” clip fan at (light level)
Small Honeywell oscillating fan
Honeywell Humidifier
Exhale 365 bag (Co2)
ProMix HPCC Mycorrhizae
Advance PH Perfect Micro/Grow/Bloom
Final home 3g pot
Think that covers it, grew me some nice Hulk Creator(Bruce Banner/Sweet God) my last grow, pic below to see!
Going with the 1600W led directly above the lone plant but this time the 600W will be directed on a side angle to allow good light through entire plant, will see how I fair!
Wish me luck, looking forward too it!









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And your off to the races!! I'll sit down and watch this grow.

What strains make up this Quebec Blue do you know? Never heard of it, I'm assuming it's from Quebec though :laugh2:


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019


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Yes, I actually ordered 5 Girl Scout Cookie feminized seeds and they gave me 2 free QC Blue feminized seeds with them. Good to hear your positive words about them, cheers!
I’m super excited about this grow as ima dialling in on this girl so I get big blue buds, lol!


Photo of the Month: Feb 2019
:yahoo:she's in the groove now, fun time to watch. Don't worry about the pics, gives me something to keep my eyes occupied. I post pics every 2 days and sometimes others make their way in on the off days too lol
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