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I have a drug test coming up for nursing school next Monday. The last day I smoked was July 3rd, but I was kind of a heavy smoker. I would smoke the pens. I am still failing every single drug test I take even after using detox’s. I have been drinking plenty of water and sweating. I have even been taking Niacin pills. I’m not sure what else to do besides have someone pee for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone know if they test for gender?

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Hi Kaidenshort, a lot depends on your weight, so lots of exercise and like you say water, I myself also have a couple of shots a day of unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I'm a heavy smoker about 200 pounds and it takes me about 4 to 5 weeks to piss clean, I've had about 5 drug tests and failed one after they sent it to a lab for further testing. Not sure if they can tell M /F unless pregnant. You should be getting close to being clean. Good Luck.


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Gender cannot be tested for by law I believe, dont quote me on that. But they wont. The pregnancy myth is just that. I doubt Niacin works. Google Fooling the Bladder Cops and read it. By the info given you seem fine, try a walgreens test first. or substitute...
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