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Question About Autoflowering


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I have an overcrowded grow room with both auto and regular plants. We're at the end of the third week of 12/12, and everything is 'bud city." I learned a few days ago, that the autos don't necessarily require the grow light (2700k).
Being that the grow room is so tight, and I'm working overtime to make sure as much light as possible gets to the lower half of plants, can I remove the autos from the grow room to make room for the others? I still have my 6500 veg lamps, and a small grow lamp, and I could place them somewhere else, but would have to improvise on light/dark, shiny reflective area, etc.

Or is all or any of this necessary for the auto? Everyone looks real healthy, otherwise, except for my tall WW which I noticed has a few long, thin leaves next to the top bud on the plant.
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