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Question about changing lighting schedule?

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I'm currently in the 3rd week of veg using an 18/6 lighting schedule and I'm nowhere near being ready to change to 12/12 yet. BUT.... I just realized that in another few days I will not be here to turn the lights off after their being on for the 18 hours. (a timer won't work with my configuration) I need to start turning the lights off 2 hours earlier than I do now. If I make the change all at once, will that stress my plants? Should I spread the change out into equal times over the next few days? Thanks. :peace:
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Why not leave switch on and plug in timer? if you' have multipe plugs for lights use a power strip
I could do that if I unscrewed the actual room lights. I really need to re-wire. I plan on making two separate grow spaces so I can veg & flower at the same time in the same room. This is the only room with only 1 outlet!