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Question about coco and clay pellets


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Have used coco now for 5 years, different methods and grow techniques. Now it's straight Canna Coco and Canna nutes.
During the early stages as the roots are developing and am hand watering, I am always displacing the surface coco and having to move it around and pat it back down. After transplant and again while hand watering there is the displacement again and follow the same routine. Even after I have switched to my auto system, where the emitters are they displace and compace the area where it is being emitted.
I decided to put a layer of clay pellets 1-2" over the surface of the coco to hole it in place and also help retain moisture. Now my solution hits the pellets and the solution is more dispersed as it passes over the clay pellets.

My question is, has anyone tried this and is there a potential problem I should be aware of?

Here is my setup. 1/4" feed line and tee's. Three emitter points, wanted four but not enough pressure.

Yay, it works!

The whole show!

Thanks in advance guys,


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I have a layer of clay balls the same as you. I don't have a watering system - I tried to make one and it was a bit sketchy, so I ditched it - I use an old wated bottle so I can measure the amount of water the plants get. I have had no issues at all with the set up. I poke my finger through the balls to check the coco is getting soaked. Your watering set up looks fantastic.


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Having the tops of the pots covered be it perlite,clay, gravel etc is a great way to have thousands of little hair line roots at the crown of the plant covering the top layer of the coco. So yes worth doing and it will have no ill effects at all.
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