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Question about coco


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So right now I’m running my first grow in root farm hydro soiless mix and I was wanting to get in to coco instead as it seems like it’s more convenient. What I am wondering is as I don’t have a hydro store anywhere near where I live I’m wondering if this reptile coco husk substrate would basically be the same thing as the coco you would buy for growing. Anyone’s input would be appreciated.


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Very possible this could do the job - the true test is just to get a seed in there and see how it goes. I've heard some cons about coco coir so its possible that coco husk does a better job.


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How is it more convenient? You can only buy 7qts at a time?

Several resources online explicitly say not to use reptile Coco. But they only claim that it's not as clean as horticultural grade, so I'm not sure I believe that. Make sure you flush and precharge it correctly and you should be fine.


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where are you ? there are now more options if in canada. big box retailers like home depot and cdn tire are starting to carry cannabis grow supplies year round. they just aren't labeled as such. Hp Promix and Sunshine Mix #4 are both carried yr round at some locations.

landscape and irrigation supply places also carry supplies for less than hydro shop prices. all the stuff i buy local comes from one of these places.

if interested in coco have a look at hempy. very similar growing system. hands down cheapest way to grow.


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I live in northern Alberta. We do have a Canadian tire here but they don’t carry much like that. They had one bag of the root farm hydro mix and I got that but they haven’t restocked anything. We have a RONA in town too but I haven’t checked there. I didn’t think they would carry anything. Does hempy have a website I can order from? If I can find a good online supplier I would go that route. I just figured having easy access to that stuff was convenient but if it’s no good I’d rather order online.


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hempy headquarters - check this thread.
i have a hempy grow going as well. third from bottom in my sig.

hempy is simply growing in a perlite media. almost identical to coco. much much cheaper to run.
aside from tent, light, and fan - only thing from hydro shop is nutes. almost everything else is dollar store.

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At least where I am, brick and mortar stores are more expensive than online even when including shipping and all that. Check out progressive growth. I get my coco through them the 5 kg cocogro stuff. Makes a lot and you can just break off a chunk to expand what you need.
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