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question about curved midvein


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The image is a bit larger than I would have liked to be but hey, I'm a newb and I can get away with ignorance right.:smokin:

affie kush was what I was told but we can never know.
media - coco Becuz
fertilizer line - Canna coco, ppm ~ 700 (they're big enough for me to start flowering but I wonder if P is unavailable at the pH I'm at).
temp - moderate, 25 C or 73 F, choose your favorite unit!
humidity - higher than I'd like it to be, I just checked my hygrometer at it read 66% (yikes)
I had powdery mildew problems in the past, perhaps extensive. From my experiences powdery mildew can not be remedied at the sight with any spray or other voodoo magic. Sulfur burners treat the entire system because of sulfurs antiseptic property. I've been very aggressive about sulfur burning and now am in control of the situation. I digress.

pH ~ 6.25

Question: I read a sticky somewhere on another thread on this website that indicated P is unavailable at pH < 6. Would that cause the deformation? Maybe its not P but a cascading result of Zn lockout because of P? I have a friend who has the exact same set up as me. We are both at the same life stage and have the exact same problem. sorry for the novel but can someone help?


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From what I under stand a ph 0f 6.2 is just fine. Imo I think a slightly fluctuating ph with in the ranges of 5.8-6.8 is good as long as it not fluctuating to rapidly. You can look at charts and see when different nutrients are absorbed and when they are locked out. and There is not a set number where nutrient uptake is perfect for all nutrients, some will say 6.5, but lets be honest who can keep their medium exactly 6.5 24/7. So I think as the plant slowly goes up and down the ph scale it picks up the nutes that in needs in that is available in that particular ph range. The problem (in my opinion) is when you sit in a particular ph range for to long. If you happened to be in a range that locked out a nutrient then you will eventually become deficient. where if you moved throughout the ph range your plant could use up its stores while the nute was locked out and absorb it when it wasn't

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert this is only my opinion.


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Cool, thanks. Yes, the availability vs specific pH charts do show that there is no golden pH level. I'm inclined to target 5.6 - 5.9 and see what happens next.

Oh yeah, if this helps I do fertilize to waste. I do not have a continuous reservoir and neither does my friend who I mentioned earlier.
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ph should be @ 5.8 for coco and mayb let it raise a few points(6.0 highest). Coco is actually hydro so...............5.8 is prob. your best bet.
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