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Question about Drainage

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This will be my first attempt at growing with coco. I will be hand feeding and I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to handle the runoff from feeding and flushing. I have a 2x4 tent and will be using three 3-gal smart pots. With about 15% runoff when feeding I can see where a large enough saucer might work...maybe. But for flushing I can't think of anything else to do but move them outdoors or to a bathtub. That may be fine for a while, but not sure how well that would work during later phases of development. Plus having to pick them up and move them seems like would pretty much negate any idea of scrogging, which I would prefer to do if at all possible. Any suggestions/solutions? Thanks
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The anticipation and suspense is overwhelming. :32:

Anyone? This really wasn't meant to be a trick question.
Ok I'll give it a shot since I have pretty much same setup other than I use the Geo Pots. :yummy:

I have my bags sitting in round 12" saucers and when I feed I use a Turkey Baster and bucket to get my 15% runoff out of the saucers.

When I flush I can not get the water out fast enough with a turkey baster so I use a 5 gallon Shop/Wet Vac and remove all of the water without any problem. I run a scrog in my tent so moving the plants are not a option for me. On my 7th week of flower and everything is looking yummy.

Hope that gives ya an idea. Happy growing!
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Thanks Rider. Since this is my first time, I'm just trying to get some ideas on what folks do to keep from flooding their tent. The turkey baster and wet vac sounds like a good idea. I have those...and it never even occurred to me.


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I grow in a 6x4 foot flood tray. Picked it up for a good price. I place my now 12 gallons wet vac hose in there. I got the wet vac at Walmart for a good price.

I wait about 10-15 minute after I water, then turn the vac on. I only have to empty the 12 gallon vac, every 4-6 days, and that is with 12 plants.
small sump pump in the tray will work as well