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Question about EBB and Flow System


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Hey guys, registered quite awhile ago but haven't gotten around to posting that much. Ive read A LOT and learned a bunch from everyone and now I am starting to get to my growing room...Decided to go with a hydroponics system for my first grow and I got a (NOOB) question about the ebb and flow system...I'm am going to be purchasing the system listed here Hydroempire, Organic Hydroponic Nutrients, Indoor Grow Lights and Supplies - Multi Flow System 12 - $542.95 and I see that it pushes the water into the buckets and into your growing medium, but what I don't understand is...HOW does the water get drained back into the reservoir after the feeding process??? I'm confused just don't understand how everything doesn't get over-watered...Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you in advance!



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There is a square bucket that is a controller. I t has the timer and water level swiches with one pump. Another identical pump is in the resevoir. The level (also known as float switches) control the water level by cycling the two pumps. I have one.
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