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Question about grow tent temp with exhale CO2 bag


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Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well!

My grow tent's temp have risen a bit the past week due to the temps rising outside. I am growing in my garage and so far have had a pretty consistent temp and RH. Lately, my temps have been averaging around 83.5-85.2 degrees. My plants don't seem to be bothered and are growing nicely, but my anxiety pushed me to buy Exhale C02 365 bag and another inline fan to bring in cooler air. I've read online that with high temps and having a surplus of C02 can cause the plants to explode with new growth. It's been two days and I've seen some great growth thus far.

Any suggestions? My RH has been sitting between 60 and 65, keep in mind I'm only on week 2 with my plants. I just started growing recently and trying my best to keep my plants happy.


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Alright mate,

try dry bags. You hang them in the tent they catch the water very good and cheap also. 100 percent approve these.

good luck
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