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Question about Hair Testing


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Hello everyone,

My name is Kai, and I am new to the site. I am also a noob to smoking. I started last October due to depression as a result of medications not agreeing with my body. I have since stopped the medications.

Since then, I have enjoyed on average, a bowl once week. Sometimes maybe 2 days a week. From the last week of December to the second week in February, I did not smoke. I started again, until 3 weeks ago. I was very sick with 3 different colds, and believe I am clean...urine test anyways.

so here is where my question lies. I do not know anything about the cut off. doing as little of it as i do, do you think i will be under the cut off?

Thanks in advance!


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Hair will revieal all the drugs you ever use (illegal/legal) in your hair. The longer your hair is the more it can trace back further into the past. Shave it bald you're good to go. However, hair testing is very expensive. Most companies do not want to waste that kind of money to find out if you've smoked pot. Urine test is the fastest and cheapest method to find out the same thing, though it can only scan for recent use (30-65 days depending on body fat).
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