Question about joint filters.


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I was thinking about getting a cigarrette machine to make my j's, instead of rolling them (so they look like regular cigs). Anyway, I noticed that they had a filter on them the size of a normal cig filter. I was just wondering if the filter will filter out very much of the thc in the smoke. I really don't have a clue, because the last time I used a cig filter for a j...I barely felt anything. Though it could have just been the crappy vegas herb. Anyway, if anyone can help me, it would be GREATLY appreciated. %) thanks guys/gals!

LEGALIZE IT!:allgood:

SeXy VeXy

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You can purchase papers that look like a cigarette... try those instead.


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It wont filter out any of the thc, I've read about this kind of post many times and Iv'e even tried it, I still got just as high. So go ahead and do it, I just think it's a waste of time to use cig papers cause they burn much faster. And I wouldn't consider doing it again.

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A filter helps stop resin build up for a better smoke. I always use them.
cut out a small peice of paper an inch long and little less than 1/2 and inch wide tease it with a scissor then roll it tight


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Dude just get a rolling machine thingy, cost like 4$ not even and the filter is optional, ya put one or ya don't.


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^^ so buying one of those soon. If you are just looking for a device that looks like a cig, get a cigarette one hitter. aren't there some filters that are just tubes? Like cardboard stabilizer with a hole and no filter.
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