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Question about lighting clearance for my grow


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Hey guys and gals I have a quick question about my upcoming indoor soiless grow...I have a space that is about 8 ft wide 12 ft long and only about 5 ft high. I plan to use two 400w HPS lights but my question is this: I plan to LST my plants to help deal with the vertical space issue, but I am wondering if this will be enough. The room itself is air conditioned and I plan to air cool the lights. If I factor in a height of about 1 ft for the pot, 2 ft for the LST'd plans, and 1 ft of clearance between the light and the canopy, that doesnt leave much space for the light and hood. What do you guys think? Any suggestion? I want to have it all planned out before I get started. So basically I am wondering if 5 ft is tall enough to have some LST'd plants under a 400w HPS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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