Question about mounting magnetic MH/HPS ballasts

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i have several brand new ballasts that im hanging and im worried about the heat, and i know heat rises so i was planning on mounting them high up, but they are really heavy and i have to mount them to something study, so i was figuring that i could mount them to the ceiling support 2x10 studs. i have some pictures, but was worried about the heat, is it safe to mount them to the wood, i mean i know they get warm, but i shouldnt have any issues right ?

also the ballasts say "this side up" so im assuming they have to be mounted perpendicular

i cant post pictures yet as im new, but basically mounting the mags directly to a stud on wall or ceiling studs

any ideas, suggestions, warning, etc. would be greatly appreciated
I wouldn't mount them on wood, asking for a fire should one go up in smoke. Maybe make a hanging shelf lined with fire board or sheet metal to contain any sort of spark/fire. Not sure about the mounting orientation as I've never seen that before. It's also good to mount your timers in a safe place aswell.


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I've never seen a ballast that said 'this side up' on it. I'd assume it says that for a reason. I always hung my magnetic ballasts from the ceiling with bungee cords, because they would create a bit too much humming noise and vibration otherwise. There's usually a spot on the ballast that you can run some heavy gauge wire through to make a loop and give you a spot to to hang it from.

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When i used magnetic ballast i left it on a couple of bricks on the floor just an idea...

I did hear one story when i was in the grow shop tho & some chap stacked his ballasts on top of each other... as you can guess they over heated a little & totally trashed a few of em but as far as i'm aware no fire occurred !


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Most ballasts have a fuse now a days... With electric you can replace them some times. But this will prevent a ballast fire by getting to hot ( i woudnt say it could catch fire a other way but ballasts are pritty save its not like every grow burns down just pay attention i always mount my ballast to wood but i use some spacers (rubber) to conect them and make sure air can flow compleetly around the ballast.

In the end i bought a electric ballast anyway


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I sure don't miss those magnetic ballasts. Mine were ancient, rusty and unlabeled, and had a couple feet of wires and mysterious (to me anyway) parts dangling off them. They looked scary as hell and if I touched the wrong spots I'd get a very nasty shock. I ran them for years though and they still work. I like the digital ones. Way safer, quieter and more efficient, and the dimmable option is great.