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question about oils I'm using to fight mom's cancer


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The oil I have been using for mom to fight her cancer has 52.4% CBD, 35.3% THC, 0.3% CBN. I had been giving her the equivalent of 2 fat grains of rice twice daily. We discovered the cancer was spreading. Mom had problems with the RSO so the dispensary recommended this oil. Is this a good oil for fighting cancer? What should I ramp the dosage up to to be effective?

This is the information I was originally going to attach to my original blog. Does anyone know if this oil is good and what dose I should use?


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The next chance you get, double the dosage (4 fat grains of rice twice daily). If after one entire day that amount has no adverse effects, then do 50% more (6 fat grains of rice twice daily). Continue stepping up the dosage amount [of 2 fat grains twice daily] until there are any adverse effects for your mom (floatiness, dizziness, etc.), then just scale back the dosage to whatever it was before you gave her more.

At this point, you want her consuming the most that she is able to while not having any side effects. This is a crucial point in time where her body needs as much assistance from Cannabis in order to heal her healthy cells and destroy the unhealthy ones.

If you can get your hands on any fresh leaves/flowers, I'd also recommend juicing for her. The raw Cannabis juice can then be mixed with fresh fruit juices for an extremely healthy meal. In fact, I'd recommend her eating as much fresh fruits as possible, along with some fresh veggies. Eating fresh/raw produce will help her body to heal as well. I know this from experience.

Please keep us updated, and tell your mom to continue staying brave and full of live. We're rooting for her!
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I got tired of the inaccurate "grain of rice" method and transferred my oil to a dropper. You need a delicate touch with a syringe and very often too much comes out, I also have terrible motor skills with my illness so I need a safer way to dose. Before I take my dose I put the dropper in a glass full of hot water from the tap for like 10 minutes to make it runny and then just count off the drops. 20 drops = 1 ml. I use a metal spoon to put the drops in the right place an then lick the spoon.

The dropper also has a cap so transporting it is safer.

1 ml of water = 1 gram
1 ml of rso = 1.1 grams cause oil is denser than water

People with cancer take a lot, something like 1 gram per day but they work their way up to that so take it slow, with the dropper you can take it up a notch slowly.

Like Antics said, make sure she is tacking cause things in your gums and underneath the tongue get absorbed much quicker into your bloodstream than through the digestive system which if your constipated could take 12+ hours.

When people get heart attacks (my dad had 1 a year ago) they are given medication to place under the tongue because its fast acting. My dad didn't understand and swallowed the first pill and had to be given a 2nd one to save his life. So not swallowing the oil is not some mumbo-jumbo but its proven medically.

I'd go for a 50/50 but a lot of people say THC just because for a long time there was nothing else but actually there's a lot more medical papers on CBD and cancer.

The Top 42 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

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The oil gets swallowed eventually because you're putting it in your mouth, what varies is the speed of absorbtion into the blood stream from sublingual to digested. Regardless its being administered properly.

Oil can be decarbed to be more or less psychoative. I give oil to a guy with liver cancer, he was terminal and was given 1 month to live 4 months ago. He has tried both high THC and CBD strains and now he only asks for the high THC oil, he says it helps him sleep better at night, gives him more appetite and most importantly stops the pain. Since he started with the oil he no longer takes any morphine or any other analgesics.

So a high THC strain is helping him with the pain; how is that possible?

See the video, read the link that I shared, inform yourself and stop acting like only you speak the truth. A christian pastor is more likely to objectively discuss the existence of god than you with this subject.

denisearciero both THC and CBD work for the tumor itself but THC helps more with appetite control. As you can see there's a lot of people who believe they own the truth.


Go in here and look for your mom's cancer, see what they recommend.

The Top 42 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

In the end its her who will tell you what she prefers.


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My friends, we're each all trying to help as well as we're able to. I think it's important to be as patient, thoughtful, and tactful as possible since we all want the same positive end result. Let's do our best to share our opinions and knowledge from our own personal experiences in order to find the understanding that we desire. I appreciate everyone's passion and enthusiasm for Cannabis and its healing properties. It may be difficult sometimes to remember that we're in this together... but we are, and only by working hand-in-hand can we progress perspectives and grow as a culture.

Meditate, find your breath, feel peacefulness, and share your love.

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