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question about preflower pistols

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My plants 9 weeks in veg. Last 6 weeks on 18/6 under T5 lights. I still cannot find even one of the tulip shape calyx that has produced pistols. Their older sisters have been 12/12 for about 7 weeks and I will be harvesting early due to hermie and now seeds on my beautiful huge fat buds.

This is an unknown strain from a seed found in a small bud of purchased weed.

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18/6 is a veg cycle. Change the light schedule to 12/12 to put them into flower.

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Dang, I did not make my question obvious. lolol Do the female preflowers always have pistols?? If they do always have pistols, And how long do those pistols stick around for me to find them. These plants have older sisters that have been in 12/12 and they have nice big fat buds that have gone to seed. I am trying to figure this plant out. Here is a link to my other post that gives more detail about the plants.


Thanks for your replies. And go4snypr, I am thinking about tossing all these beautiful plants too. Not sure what to do yet
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whoops. Thanks for correcting that for me. I think my spell check keeps doing that. But I do like my old cowboy pistol. :)