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Question about screens


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It all depends on how big the hole is, and/or your own personal preferences. I'd probably put one in.


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For that I would probably get one, being a straight-shot to your mouth and all. You might be able to get away with a hole that big on a normal pipe, but I think you'd be sucking a ton of shit through that thing.

Very cool though. Never seen a smoking device made of bamboo before. Will it burn/taste/etc. much?

Also, you should check out the Gallery Guide and upload your pictures through the gallery, then edit this post to show 'em. Thanks.


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I remember in the late 60's, early 70's bamboo pipes were very popular. Long and skinny bamboo shoot with brass fixtures on both ends. Smoked a bunch of hash in those pipes. Brass bowl, brass mouthpiece.


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looks like u Can do without a screen, but a metal screen would be good. Why did u paint it where the lighter will be gettin that in ur lung heh

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Generally you do not need a screen if smoking a chillium because your lips dont make any direct contact with the chillium.


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way back when in a boardung school in the boonies we made our own doing some macrme knots in singli strand wire we got from the physics lab and even tried to get credit for it in art class as miniture macrme....... but we had to redo all our projects when teachers realized we were making pipes in ceramics and industrialarts
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