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Question about smart pots?


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Hello, I have plan to sew fabric pots with geotextile fabric because they are cheap and total cost is less expensive then buying smart pots in big litres .
i find a local company that make geotextile fabrics at different types in Thickness weight and etc .

I think most important part about smart pots is their Thickness and it effects on roots and root pruning effect
these Thickness are available here which is exact Thickness for smart pots fabric ?


1.5 mm , 1.9 mm , 2.6 mm , 3 mm , 3.4 mm , 3.7mm , 4 mm , 4.3mm , 4.8 mm , 5 mm , 5.6 mm , 6 mm ,
6.5 mm , 7 mm , 7.8 mm

and also available in whiter and darker colors i have decide grow under sun which color Should I use I think using black color cause pots get too hot under sun ?

and available in Methods of production like : Needle Punching , Heat Bonding , Resin Bonding And I think i should buy needle punching ones but not sure which one they use

thank :thanks: best of luck :thumb:

Fuzzy Duck

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Ye a good question !

I might just stick with the standard colour as it is tried & tested but no harm in experimenting.

Thickness is another good question may require research tho... might want PM some fellow smart pot growers & get some measurements in less they reply here ?

Mmm thickness may change depending on total pot size i guess, as in structural strength as we may not see 1.5 mm used in a 10 gallon smart pot as it may just rip apart...

I might just go for double stitching for strength but a durable thread is needed don't want it rotting out on you !

If you get plenty of info on thickness & total size of smart pot then that is a good start... might be an idea to get some in the long run to see how they are design before making your own or perhaps details can be gathered here with some more questions or good replies :thumb:
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