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Question about temperature and humidity


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I'm just starting out with indoor growing. At this moment one seed came up and i'm still waiting for the rest to pop up. So far so good.

The problem:
My temperature is very high. 40 degrees and higher. My humidity is around 10%. What can i do to improve this both? I have used plastic around the cups to increase the humidity. With plastic the humidity is around 80%, so that's good, but when the plant will be bigger I can't still keep using plastic. Tthere need to be another way.

Also how can I decrease the temperature? I thought about buying a fan to putt in the tent to let flow air to the top where it can be removed out of the tent.

My setup is a secret jardin ds60 60x60x150 cm and a 250 watt hps bulb for grow. For airflow I'm using 2 120 mm fans. one beneath and one in the top. There is also a smaller fan at the top. I have also a 400 watt bulb, but I think that is gonna be much too warm.

Tips are very welcome? Thx Hans

Also, how to upload fotos to the gallery? I can't find it. It would look nice to ad some pics in this topic.


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Ok thank you guys.

I don't know exactly how I got the temp lower, but I think it was because I moved the fans more to the inside of the tent in the air tunnels of my tent.

Temp is 25 degrees, so far so good.
Humidity is around 35%. I found on one of the dutch grow sites how to make some kind of damper with a bottle, some water, some whet towels and a computer fan. So next week or so I will make this thing.
If the hps bulb is on for a long time I think it's around 30 degrees. Hopefully this will be lower when I install the Clipfan I have ordered.

I also ordered a filter and some tube. I'm still looking for a air pushing and extracting device. I found one on Organic Earth but I actually don't trust that site. I need a small device. My tent is just 60x60x150 cm.
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