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Question About Trimming


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Well, it looks like my first grow will be ready for harvest within the next week or two. I'e read so much about dry trim vs. wet trim that my head is spinning. Really not sure which is better. As of right now, I'm tentatively planning on a wet trim of the fan leaves, and a dry trim of the sugar leaves. Does this sound like it'll be okay to you seasoned growers?

Here are a couple pics of the girls - one is the mom, and the other is a clone from when I topped the mom for quadlining. What would have originally been the main cola is trained to the left on the clone.




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Wet from is the easiest, if tried dry trimming and if I'm honest I did it down to laziness and dry trimming is a nightmare plus if you set trim as soon as they dry in the dark you can then transfer into jars ect rand then back in the dark with very little fuss not causing any disturbance to terpenes.

Having said that they say dry trimming works better in terms off taste and quality but if I'm honest in never noticed the difference.

I have noticed with wet trimming is when the buds dry the left over bits shrink back into the bud and it gives the bud a little better look but I suppose it's not all down looks :).


I'm on my second grow so I'm still a noob but with what limited experience I have with my last grow, with my opinion would be to wet trim as long as you take under consideration that it will shorten your dry time by a small amount which depending on your drying environment could be good or bad. I wet trimmed one plant and dry trimmed another, the dry trimming was a much bigger p.i.t.a than wet. I'll definitely wet trim on my next harvest, I'll just make sure to have better control of the environment so not to dry too quickly.
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