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Question about vaporizers


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Just two quick questions about vapes,

1. Smoking elevates your heart rate, at least for a little while, is the an effect of holding smoke in your lungs, or is it from the thc? In other words, would vaping stop the elevated heart rate?

2. Smoking weed with chemicals on it is bad for you, but if you vaped it would you just get the thc and no chemicals as nothing is actually being burnt? Or would that depend on the chemical?


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there was a study done that measured the vapor vs smoke in a different burning methods. It showed that vapor(from a volcano) has almost 0 carcinogens or other toxic byproducts of smoke, which made up about 88% of the smoke samples. The vapor was almost all thc (95%) and other cannabinoids along with trace amount of plant oil that gives it the taste.that was compared to a waterpipe(bong).
the best part about a vape machine is it only burns what you want. The thc. thats why you much bud is left in the container after you vape it.

you would have INHALED that had it not been vaped. I did not beleive in it either until I read it over check out the research here

Volcano Vaporizer Study
MAPS/CaNORML vaporizer and waterpipe studies

bottom line. there are less carcinogens going into your lungs and you use less product to get the same effect...WAY less in my experience. hope it helps.

"The new study used a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS) to examine the gas components of the vapor. .The analysis showed that the Volcano® vapor was remarkably clean, consisting 95% of THC with traces of cannabinol (CBN), another cannabinoid. The remaining 5% consisted of small amounts of three other components: one suspected cannabinoid relative, one suspected PAH, and caryophyllene, a fragrant oil in cannabis and other plants. In contrast over 111 different components appeared in the gas of the combusted smoke, including a half dozen known PAHs. Non-cannabinoids accounted for as much as 88% of the total gas content of the smoke."


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Any chemicals whose vaporization temprature is less than or equal to the vaproization temprature of THC would be inhaled when using a vap.


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I have two questions also.

1. Inhaling/exhaling vapor, really seems to burn my throat.
Could it be that I am using too much?

2. How do I know if I am actually vaporizing it, or just slow-roasting it?

I am using a light-bulb vaporizer, that I made myself.
I cover the holes, while heating. Usually use a candle, but a lighter seems to deliver a lot more heat, more quickly. Also, I keep the flame/bulb, moving so as not to scorch it.
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