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Question for BOSS


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Hey Boss I have been browsing the older topics and I ran across your post on adding OJ during the last couple of weeks in flower. You have been a big help to me during this grow so a couple of last questions please. If you remember my 3 females went thru alot of stress but are getting ready to finish up within 3 weeks. They are now close to 9 inchs tall and they have a bud that has formed up the stalk that is about 5 inchs long and as thick as a bananna. Can I still use the OJ and what doseage?. Also my other 12 that I brought up to flower 8 days ago are now close to 8 inchs tall and are filling out, When should I be able to determine the sex? I want to be able to clone off of them as I am tired of the disapointment of finding males. Thanks in advance BDB Anybody else want to add their thoughts I would be gratefull.
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