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Hello All, I would like your advice please, I have been using dutch master flower, 1.2-0.5-3.1 nutes, I have around 3 weeks left in flower. I just bought dutch master gold parts A-B Part A is 4.5-0-6.5 and part B is 0.5-5.3-6.3. Is it going to be a mistake to switch nutes at this point even at 1/2 dose for 1 week and then do 2 weeks water only? These have been thru so many problems at this point I would hate to harm them further. I have 12 that I just put into flower one week ago and I am going to switch nutes on, Hopefully I will see the difference. Thanks BDB


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I wouldn't use part A at this point, I would let the plant tell you it needs more Nitrogen first. Part B can't hurt, especially at this stage. Remember photos always help ;-)

Good Luck!

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Thanks Boss, If you look at the first picture from my last post the plants are looking the same only much fuller and dense. They are very healthy looking very green and strong. I will upload pictures alittle later today when my sons get home, by dense I mean they are solid and about as round as a bannana.
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