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Question for the veterans!


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Alright, well, this is a question for all you veteran tokers out there. I'm wondering if the rumors that "marijuana potency has increased by a lot over the years" are true, and if so what health problems does this cause?


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Not that I'm a veteran or anything (only been smoking a few years) but if anything it would seem to help. High potency mean less smoking, which is better for lungs.


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doesnt cause anything that wasnt already there, but yes herb has gotten signifcantly stronger than it was say in the 70's


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Then you just have to take breaks from it every once in a while if you want to smoke 24/7 or set a limit on how much you smoke to keep your tolerance in check.

Happy Kitty

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I think pot has gotten a lot more potent since I started smoking thirty some years ago. But I do take into consideration that I bought ten dollar lids of homegrown.

Living in another area for many years, I could only find dirtweed. I'm sure the good smoke was there somewhere, but for 13 years, I never found it.

Moving here to the SF area and having my recommendation, I have NEVER smoked buds more potent than I do now. The term "one hitter" definately applies.

And I love it!!!
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