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Question How do I best take advantage of this attic and cabinets ?


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Hello friends . I really need our assistance . I use translation . I have written may not make much sense . I live in Turkey . I'm 10 years drinker . Very poor in turkey and herbs . Bitter, chemical -filled, head negligibly small , full of seeds . Not much quality marijuana can quite understand here .. I will make three booths have one breeding . And I want to make the best use of 3 . I think a system of ceiling hyroponic dolaplarımda think of raising seedlings . 2 months doing extensive research . There was a bit of information . Best way I want to drink herbs the highest THC in these systems . In the meantime, I'm constantly moist attics . I also have a bath in humid % 60% 75.Alt . But there room mouse problem is solved. . I took something of their own of efforts . CFL 6500k 24Ww x16 units could be more . 2700k 18W x4 . 40 kg peat soil , fetilizer 20-20-20 solid manure , blah, blah ... (blue bi content there , 5 liters of water 2 teaspoons threw . First aldıqı Me bayagı threw and girls still yellow situation shops ) Foam and handmade peat moss : D peat moss to the soil did not shears hopefully it will not hurt .. the contents of the soil , 50% peat , 30% foam ( I could not find perlite ) 20% peat moss . How many girls have even bi . We have a bit big sister . but the situation is not very good . I did a lot of irrigation . I threw more fertilizer . I started with something ignorant but still alive : D. In the meantime, I am beautiful grass seeds seeds inside . I'm thinking brought auto flowering seeds . What do you think is helpful . My opportunities are scarce and expensive fertilizer that is not here. Not on my credit card :

Large closet: 140cm length, 95cm width, 65cm at

small closet (computer cabinet): After I remove the drawer of the size 65cm, which is installed inside length 50cm, width 39cm, the 65cm

Garret around 70 cm in length. internal 2.5 mx2, 5m (it may be larger)

Cabinets measure of this. In addition, large closet, a total of 30 cm area with 2 drawers under. There are plug-in closet space in the top 50 cm.

in my hand lamps

6500k 24w x 17 LMN 1450 = 24650
2700k 20w x 4 1300 lmn = 5200
6500k 756lmn 18w x6 = 4536

Total Lumen = 34386

What can I do in my hand, these lamps are available. How do you suggest a design.
1 - large closet, how many should I put the lamp?
2 - What should be the shape of my Reflektörü?
3 - How do I increase the lumen of the reflector if I do?
4 - Does the attic better reflector reflector? (Height 60-70cm)


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