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question of when.....


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I grow hydro. It has been said that you don't need as much flushing time when growing Hydro. I start flushing 1 week before harvest. So, if I was planning on harvesting at the end of 9 weeks I would start my flush at the end of 8 weeks. With my system I have to change the water every day in order to really get the PPM down during the flush. I'm dealing with 24 individual buckets. They don't flush out with one water change. And yes, it's a good idea to keep the flush water PH balanced. I also use a flushing agent on the 4th day. Hope this helps!


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jast one mor things...
if onley 3/4 from the top to down is ok and the rast not rady.
i can do the flushing and then to cat what is rady and grow the rast mor 2 week is it ok?
i use ph water balanced and also ripen(ghe)
what you think bro......
in the flush i pot the whatr in the galon 15 liter with the ripen and the ph balanced and they have drip so i dont need to exchange hvrey day ya?
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