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Question on how I should set my soil when first growing pH - Autoflowers


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Hey guys, thanks for stopping by to help out a fellow grower.

This will be my first grow, here is my current setup:

I am about to grow using Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds (3-pack). I am starting them with Promix HP straight into 3-Gallon pots. I have my Water all set to the side and ready pH'd at 5.8, low PPM. Currently all 3 of my seeds cracked open and have about 12 hours more to get a long enough tap root to come out before I am ready to plant them.

The question I am asking our forum community members is: Should I be fully pre-flushing each 3 gallon pot I'm using with my pH 5.8 water before planting the seed to set the soils pH where I want it?
I've researched quite a bit and people do things differently. I've seen videos where people with solo cups during veg cycle transplant into 1-3 gallon pots and have already pre-flushed the soil with pH water to transplant it into. I have also seen a video where the grower literally just sprays a 4 inch diameter around the seed in the soil and leaving all the soil everywhere else dry. But, I haven't been able to find good information on what I should do for 3-gallon autoflowering strains - I'm a newbie and pretty nervous.

Btw, I have a HTG 400w High pressure sodium ballast w/ 400w bulb setup in my 2'wx4'Lx6'H tent. I also have 6500K color temp bulbs: a package of 4x 860 lumen, 1x 1600 lumen bulb and a 2250 lumen bulb that i want to use instead of the HPS for seedling/veg. I'm not sure if that would help people knowing that, I am still trying to read up and figure out what combination of 6500K I should use for veg. I have room for up to 3 bulbs that I can hang directly above the 3 pots. Suggestions on what combination to start early veg out with?

Thank you so much for helping me out guys I hope I explained this properly. :thanks:
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