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Question on size growth when switching to flowering for LST'd plants


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hey all! i've got three ladies (all femmed, 2 cheese seeds from VIP, different phenos apparently, then a delahaze from paradise seeds all the way to the right) about 2/3 way through vegging. my question stems from how much and how i'm training them. i'm doing an out and up method for all main colas. so my question is: if i flower with the plants with them 2 inches high off the planks they're tied to, will they only grow another 6 inches or so? or will the LST, (without it they'd be about three feet tall) make them grow another 3 feet upwards?? might seem like a stupid question but this is the first time i've stressed plants in such ways, haha. let me know what you guys think! :blunt:

Robert Celt

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I can't fully answer your question because different strains behave differently under similar conditions. But, it is generally accepted that plants will atleast double in size when switched to flowering. Chances are that if they are 2" now, they will not go over 12-14" during flowering :)


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during the first few weeks of flower the ladies will stretch big time. Rule of thumb like said above, is you need to plan on them at least doubling in size...but can triple and quadruple depending on setup and strain.

good job with the training....looks wide open and healthy. ready for some buds


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thanks you guys! i may post more photos of the ladies throughout the grow. would anyone be interested in how they turn out? i wouldn't mind making a little journal but don't wanna bother if nobody's there giving feedback! :)

I also have a 400w led tent set up with seeds on their way from herbies! so i'll have two grows i could document!
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