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Question to 420 growers

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Hey I got a question for all the 420 growers in here. I'm starting to germinate some seeds to grow, and I have all the stuff, pots soil fertilisers mineral supplements, etc. I just need to know what kinds of lights you've used that work best for growing plants. Plus can I use those long skinny flourescent lights to grow?
i've heard u can and they work well enough for a personal stash, but i ain't a grower so don't rely strictly on my word

you can use the florecents for at least the beginning of your veg cycle.Make sure they are no more than 12in above crown of plants.After they have developed at least three new sets of leaves(not counting seed case or first sprout leafset) you can move them under high intensity lighting.You should run at least 20 hours of light for the first part of the cycle.As the plants get a little larger,they will require a longer transpiration time,so reduce to 18hrs on and 6hrs off