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Question To Ponder While Smoking

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Lets see if we can post questions that are good to ponder while high.

My First question is two parter:

Does a turtle ever get an itch? If So how does it scratch it?
Lets see if we can post questions that are good to ponder while high.

My First question is two parter:

Does a turtle ever get an itch? If So how does it scratch it?
like this

Why is the word "Abbreviations" so long .......?
and why isn't the word "Phonetics" spelt the way it sounds ......?
.........weird eh....?

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While flying home in the space shuttle it would be fun to roll down the window, stick your hand out and do this ~~~~~


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Why is it that we call people who stutter a title which they themselves cannot pronounce? Seems a little evil if you ask me.
Keep things in an even keal,you want to go with the flow,the sea refuses no river,the idea is to remain in a state of constant departure,while always arriving,this saves on introductions and goodbyes.theirs billions of people in the world and counting,nevertheless what you do makes a difference, it makes a difference in material terms,makes a difference to other people, and sets an example,in short, the message is we should never write ourselves off,and see ourselves as victims of various forces,its always our decision who we are.the quest is to be liberated from the negative,which is really our own will to nothingness, and once having said yes to the instant, the affirmation is contagious,it burst into a chain of affirmations that knows no limit,to say yes to one instant,is to say yes to all of existence. I Don't want to be an Ant,,its like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another continuously on Ant auto pilot, with nothing really human requird of us,STOP,GO,WALK HERE,DRIVE THERE all action basically for survival, all communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an afficiant polite manner,HERE'S YOUR CHANGE,PAPER OR PLASTIC,CREDIT Or debit,you want ketchup with that,I don't want a straw I want REAL HUMAN MOMMENTS.I want to see you,i want you to see me,i don't want to give that up,I don't want to be an ant you know? You haven't met yourself yet,but the advantage to meeting others in the meantime,is that one of them may present you to yourself..and that will be lost if we don't stop living like ants..,HAPPY GROWING..
What does cannabis mean to you?
Hello everyone,lately I've been involved in a few public speaking events,and afterwards,everywhere I go,people always say,IT MUST BE NICE,or, not everyone could have your lifestyle,and I ask them what do you mean? The first thing thay say is,you never have to work again,you get to grow cannabis for ever,and I immediately stop them in their tracks,and ask them,what does cannabis have to do with my DREAMS and PASSION and GOALS?and thay just stand their with a blank look on their face,i get offended when people believe that life is accomplished and the heavens open just because I grow cannabis ,ESPECIALLY THE KIDS.For me cannabis provides the missing elements and compounds that UNCLE SAM has reppressed from my immune system and brain over the year's,with toxins,poisins,water,ect,,once my damaged ,old and new receptors are activated,cannabis has served it's purpose, and it's time to move forward and go after your Dreams,and your future, the idea that cannabis alone is your future is worse to me then dying,Every person has a Destiny,CANNABIS already fulfilled it's Destiny,time to fulfil yours,if not for yourself or you family do it for cannabis..HAPPY GROWING..
Ever wonder what would happen,,,if while traveling at the speed of light,,,and you turned your headlights on?
hey EDzMED I like the way you think!!!

There was once a poster(viet nam/60's/70's era) ,,,

"What if someone started a War,,,,,,and nobody came"
So I was stuck at a train the other day and glanced over to my right and about 50 meters away in a parking lot I saw a man and a woman and it looked as thought they may have been arguing or something. So as Im observing these two I get to imagining how fucked up it would be if he just started eating her face. That he had turned into a zombie and the zombie apocalypse was upon us. What do I do? Who sould I call? Where should I go? What do I need? I thought wow that would be some heavy ass shit.. Or was what I smoked a half hour ago the heavy shit?! The train eventually passed, as did the couple, and I continued on my way.

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