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OK so if you have a strain that autoflowers:


A: Im guessing you cant use clones here.
B: How long do these plants veg before flowering?
C: Can you still prune an autoflowering plant?
D:f it doesnt need a light schedule to change to bloom can I leave the lights on for 24hrs during bloom?
no clones here and thay veg for about two weeks befor folowering .there is no need for pruning here the whole grow can be done under 24hrs of light but you would do better with 20/4 hour light scedual the talest one i ever had finis was an ak-47x lowryder at 26 inches and had a had a lowryder x kush finish at 12inches...peace:allgood:
can i ask what strain your going to use all of a sudden evry company is offering some sort of lowryder cross I have just sprowted 9fem lowryder x chemdog/kush bean's i got as a gift...thank pedro...also have 5 fem smurfberry 2 from sagarmathr i think it is a lowryder x bluberry cross i will save those for an outdoor project next year...peace
Question has any one every ever bread a autoflower with a regular male? And if so what was the out come of the seeds how did they grow,did they auto flower or what just asking thanks 4 any answers much apprec
I would imagine if you could get a cross with a regular male or female then it would just be a normal flowering plant or maybe still flower early!
i ordered lr2 and was wondering about the light myself. is sitting in a south window dec. and jan. going to to be enough? as expensive as these seeds are i also wanted to grow at least one to seed. assuming i get a male, is this pretty straight forward? just leave them together on the window sill? j
I am wondering that same thing about trying to breed auto flowers with regular plants. seems to be a popular topic. I am definitely going to try this. I have some seedlings growing right now from feminized seeds that I made. what I would like to do this I would like to get a auto flower plant and try to feminize it with the gibberellic acid, take that pollen and pollinate 1 of my girls,mrs.natural. so if anyone has any suggestions on a good autoflower strain or if in fact it will work I would appreciate a response. I have a grow journal going right now .
What is the reason you cant clone auto's?

Wouldnt it just essentially be a re-veg?


The point of autos is simply that they flower based on time from seed, without regard, or even response, to photoperiod.

You can clone but the plant will not stop flowering, so there's no point.

That is, to be clear, the plant will not go back in to vegetative growth because it does not respond to time in darkness.


well that makes complete sense. I am wondering if I treat an autoflower with gibberellic acid , create some feminized pollen, apply it to 1 of my non autoflower girls, well I wind up with autoflower seeds? I am planning on experimenting with this , does it sound feasible?
Will be great to see how you do MJ. I will definitely be following and attempting something similar. Im starting a lowryder auto in the next week or so (first grow) I'll be pollenating lower buds with reg sativa strain pollen to gain some seeds.

From what Ive heard you will end up with seeds with traits from both parents. Until the strain is stabilised however, some may autoflower and some may not. I think thats why all the grow nerds stabilise and interbreed and stuff - I think. Like I said totally unexperienced.
from what it looks like most of the characteristics are from the plant that I feminized with a gibberellic acid, let's call that 1 dad. dad was a pure indica, and don't forget dad was a female kinda weird. mom had a lot of blue dream in her, so she had skinny leaves typical in sativas.
so you said this is your first grow, well I can tell you from experience, 2 little is better than too much, and if you are indoors, do what ever it takes to not get bugs. bugs suck worse than anything, especially aphids and spider mites. good luck
Hey fam I am also looking to start my first grow using 2 auto plants. I am stuck on what strain to use for the autos that would at least give me an oz or so per plant. I plan to start a non auto mother plant of a good haze. Any suggestions?
Just to give you my opinion on cloning autos.
When you clone a auto you make a copy of a already mature plant (flowering).
Your clones will flower right away with makes not to much sence.
Hope it helps
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