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Questions About Indoor Lighting & Plant Growth


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I have some questions about indoor grow lighting and plant growth.
Im asking because im skeptical about the outcome of some plants im currently growing.

First the plants and their story thus far:

7 weeks of veg and 24 days of flower...

The strain is Bruce Banner #3,
a sativa dominant hybrid of strawberry diesel X OG Kush
they were bag seeds that sat in a dark cupboard for ~4-6 months in a zip lock bag.

I germinated 6 seeds, all popped in 48 hours.

Planted into red solo cups planted in Sunshine #4 with mycorrhizae.
Placed under 4 fluorescent lights totaling 128 watts for 2 weeks.
These 2 weeks are not counted in the veg time.

Transplanted into 1.5 gallon pots and placed under a 600 watt Mh 1 foot away.
began with weak rockwool magic grow a&b around week 4 from seed when cotyledons dried up.
Vegged for 7 weeks.

what id like insight on:

1. How far is the advertised lumen output of a bulb measured at? 1 foot?

in the example i read on high times
"if you have one lumen shining on one square foot at a height of one-foot from above, then at two-feet from above that lumen is now only a quarter of a lumen (1/4)".

but then i saw these light charts:
can someone explain?

2. How is light dispursed from a bulb?

ive read it emits light in 360 degrees so does that mean 1 lumen in all directions like in the above example?
or would it be a percentage like .25 lumen facing the ground, both sides and top for a total of 1 lumen?

3. how much light can mmj use? how far should my lights be?

Jorge Cervantes recommends 10000 lumens for flowering.

from what ive read people recommend using lower wattage bulbs (400 and 600 watt)
because they produce less heat and you can get them closer to use more lumens.

600 watt mh for veg suspended in a grow tent 12 inches from the tops of my plants.

1000 watt hps on a light mover for flower currently 20 inches above plant canopy,
the light mover really keeps the heat away i think i can go lower.

4. 9 weeks from seed mostly 600 watt mh and 4 weeks under 1000 watt hps my plants seem tiny?.

i understand stretching is a sign of low light, but i feel like they should be bigger.
were my lights too close maybe? or just genetic dwarfs?
im concerned on yield from these sized plants.


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they are in 5 gallon buckets, i transplanted a few days before flowering.

I read somewhere you want around 1 gallon of soil per month the plant is old.
so vegged in 1.5 gal 7 weeks, then 5 gal for the next 8-10 weeks.
the roots were super healthy, about an inch from the sides and bottom of the 1.5 gal container.

Im trying, I like to learn and read as much as possible.
The room im growing in has 3 1000k watt hps on light movers, its a hydro flood table setup.
I want to get the most out of my setup before i run all the extra power.
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