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Questions about Orchids


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Ok so i have herd Orchids are hard to grow any truth to this? I've grown cannabis(of course), Lillys, bleeding hearts, and all kinds of veggies. if they aren't to hard to tame what are some suggestions for starter Orchids? Do they come in seeds, Bulbs, or roots? If they aren't to hard i'd love to grow "Catasetum Memoria Lum Hon" they look cool and would make for a nice conversation piece, but i cant seem to find any way to obtain them just searching the internet. anyway any advice or horror stories are welcome lol.


Orchids depend upon which variety you're growing. Some can be difficult and some can be easy. You've already picked one so I'd suggest looking up as much info as you can about it. Orchids need a lot of airflow around their roots and a lot of drainage. For my few orchids I have bark chips and charcoal as their substrate. You also have to be careful about how much light they get as too much light can burn them. They are basically a plant that resemble human beings in that they don't like to leave their comfort zone. Too much water, too much sun and they go downhill.
Just look up what you want and get as many resources as you can and be diligent in their care. I forgot about my vanilla orchid for a week and it went downhill quick but bounced back slowly once I got to it again.
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